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Rubber Chemical
    Accelerator BSM
    Accelerator BSB
    Accelerator DCS
    Accelerator DPG
    Accelerator F
    Accelerator HBS
    Accelerator MBT
    Accelerator MBTS
    Accelerator MS
    Accelerator TMT
    Accelerator ZDBC
    Accelerator ZMBT
    Antioxidant 445
    Antioxidant A100
    Antioxidant B Rod
    Antioxidant BL
    Antioxidant BL75 S
    Antioxidant BLN
    Antioxidant MBI
    Antioxidant ODPS
    Antioxidant SP
    Antioxidant TQ
    Antioxidant ZA
    Antioxidant ZC
    Peptiser Accimel E
    Peptiser Accimel
    Retarder RE
    Tackifier CH
    Active Zinc Oxide
    ADC Blowing Agent
Chemical - Master Batch
    Rubber Accelerater R 100
    Rubber Accelerater R 170
Chemical - Modified Sulphur
Chemical - Modified Resin
    Resin 300 M
    Resin 300 T
    Resin 500
    Resin 400
Rubber Compound
NBR - PVC Polymer Blend
Reclaim Rubber
Rubber Polymers
Precipitated Silica
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Accimel is a peptiser for natural and synthetic rubbers. It disperses readily and can be added to the rubber on

open roll or in internal mixer. Its use improves mill room productivity with improved dispersion of fillers . Typical

dosage in NR varies from 0.2 – 0.5 phr while higher dosages eg 0.5 – 1.0 phr are required in synthetic rubbers.

Storage and Handling

Stable indefinitely under normal conditions of storage.

No special handling precautions are necessary. Normal precautions to avoid contact with skin

and eyes should be followed. For eyes, flush with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Chemical Composition: A blend containing dibenzamido diphenyl disulphide
      with an activator and dispersing aids.
  Physical Properties
    Appearance: Light grey to greenish grey powder
    Sp Gr. at 25°C : 2.2 ( Typical)
  Typical Analysis
ASTM Test method
  Loss at 100°C for 2 hours (%)
0.75 max
D 4571
  Chloroform Soluble (%)
45 - 52
D 4934
  Ash Content (%)
45 ± 5
D 4574
  Fineness, ret on 100 mesh (%)
0.10 max
D 4572
  Solubility Insoluble in water, partially soluble in acetone.
      and chloroform.
Packaging : 20/25 Kg. in HDPE lined Paper Bags/FB drums.
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