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BL provides a combination of excellent resistance to flex cracking and heat ageing. It is specially suited for tyres,

belting and a wide range of mechanical rubber goods. It is a staining antioxidant and may stain by migration.

Typical dosage varies from 1.0 – 3.0 phr without any blooming. In tread rubber compounds which are required to

store at room temperature for prolong periods , BL plays an important role in suppressing sulphur blooming in

these compounds. Being readily dispersible, it is usually better to use BL in soft rubber compounds

like cushion gum etc. It could be used as a stabilizer for production of oil extended SBR.

Storage and Handling

Stable indefinitely under normal storage conditions. No special precautions are necessary. Normal precautions to

avoid contact with skin and eyes should be followed. Skin contamination: Wash liberally with soap and water. In

case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Chemical Composition: A condensation product of Acetone & Diphenylamine
  Physical Properties
    Appearance: A dark brown viscous liquid.
    Sp Gr. at 25°C : 1.09 - 1.11 (ASTM D1298)
  Typical Analysis
ASTM Test method
  Saybolt Viscosity SFS @ 38°C
45 - 90
D 88
  Volatile Matter, 2hrs / 70°C (%)
1.0 max
D 4572
  Ash Content (%)
0.5 max
D 4574
  Solubility Insoluble in water.Slightly soluble in petroleum
      ether, soluble in acetone and chloroform..
Packaging : 25 Kg. in MS drums, 210 Kg. in MS drums.
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