Rubber & PTFE Component
Rubber Chemical
    Accelerator BSM
    Accelerator BSB
    Accelerator DCS
    Accelerator DPG
    Accelerator F
    Accelerator HBS
    Accelerator MBT
    Accelerator MBTS
    Accelerator MS
    Accelerator TMT
    Accelerator ZDBC
    Accelerator ZMBT
    Antioxidant 445
    Antioxidant A100
    Antioxidant B Rod
    Antioxidant BL
    Antioxidant BL75 S
    Antioxidant BLN
    Antioxidant MBI
    Antioxidant ODPS
    Antioxidant SP
    Antioxidant TQ
    Antioxidant ZA
    Antioxidant ZC
    Peptizer Accimel E
    Peptizer Accimel
    Retarder RE
    Tackifier CH
    Active Zinc Oxide
    ADC Blowing Agent
Chemical - Master Batch
    Rubber Accelerater R 100
    Rubber Accelerater R 170
Chemical - Modified Sulphur
Chemical - Modified Resin
    Resin 300 M
    Resin 300 T
    Resin 500
    Resin 400
Rubber Compound
NBR - PVC Polymer Blend
Reclaim Rubber
Rubber Polymers
Precipitated Silica
Oil & Lubricant


SP is a non staining mild antioxidant for use in Natural, synthetic rubbers and latices.It is also used as a stabilizer

for SBR & synthetic rubbers for its non-staining properties.

Storage and Handling

Stable indefinitely under normal storage conditions.No special precautions are necessary. Normal precautions to

avoid contact with skin and eyes should be followed. Skin contamination: Wash liberally with soap and water. In

case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Chemical Composition: Mixture of Styrenated Phenols
  Physical Properties
    Appearance: Light reddish yellow clear viscous liquid.
    Sp Gr. at 25°C : 1.08 ( Typical)
  Typical Analysis
ASTM Test method
  Acid Value (%)
0.10 max
  Free Phenol (%)
1.5 max
  Ash Content (%)
0.10 max
D 4574
  Residual pH (%)
5.50 – 5.90
  Volatile matter (60°C/2hrs) (%)
0.80 max
D 4571
  Solubility Insoluble in water. Soluble in methanol.
Packaging : 50 Kg. in HDPE carboy.
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