Rubber & PTFE Component
Gaskets & Bush
    Packing / O-Rings
    Dampers & Mounting
    Diaphragms & Bellows
    PTFE Profiles
    Rubber Sheet
    Hose & Profiles
Rubber Chemical
Rubber Compound
NBR - PVC Polymer Blend
Reclaim Rubber
Rubber Polymers
Precipitated Silica
Oil & Lubricant


At SCC, we have an extensive machine park and a department which specializes in handmade products. We

have a wide range of materials including Rubber (NR, SBR, NBR, H-NBR, ACM, CR, PU, FE, EPDM, FKM/FPM, FFKM,

VMQ, FVMQ, CSM, PBR, Vamac) Graphite, Non-asbestos Sheet, Plastic, PTFE, Felt, Rubber Cork, etc.

Fininshed Products Include:.

Punched / Water Cut Gasket
  Handhole and Manhole Gasket
  Braided Packing Gasket
  Graphite Ring Gasket

Cylinder Head Gasket

  Molded Gasket
  Elastomeric Gasket
  Flat Metal and Paper Gasket
  Rubber Cover Gasket
  Gantry Cover Gasket
  Plain and Brassed Lined Rubber Bush
  Conical Rubber Bush
  Mono Type Pumps Starter Bush
  Cutless Bush
  Motor Nose Link Bush
  Flexible Bearing Guide Link Thrust Pads
  Silent Block for Roll Link and Centre Pivot

Flange Gasket
  With and Without Inner Ring
  Spiral Wound
  Ring Type Joint
  Metal Re-inforced
  Metal Jacketed
  Cam Profile
  Rubber and Metal
  Expanded PTFE Sealing Cord

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