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    Packing / O-Rings
    Dampers & Mounting
    Diaphragms & Bellows
    PTFE Profiles
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Rubber Chemical
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NBR - PVC Polymer Blend
Reclaim Rubber
Rubber Polymers
Precipitated Silica
Oil & Lubricant


We manufacture a comprehensive rang comprehensive range of rubber sheets for general, industrial and mining

applications. It includes vulcanized black and coloured sheets for technical uses and industrial applications, with

smooth surfaces or with a canvas-type print on one or both sides.

Our Product Range Includes:

Natural Rubber Sheet
  SBR Rubber Sheet
  Abrasion Resistant Sheet
  High Abrasion Sheet

Diaphragm Rubber Sheet

  Butyl Rubber Sheet
  Chloroprene Rubber Sheet
  Nitrile Rubber Sheet
  EPDM Rubber Sheet
  Hypalon Rubber Sheet
  FKM Rubber Sheet
  Anti-Skid Rubber Sheet
  Electrical Insulation Sheet & Mat

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