We Swastika Constant Care take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Enterprise established in year 2000, engaged in Manufacturing, Exports & Imports, Supplies of rubber and rubber allied products.

We specialize in manufacturing Rubber & PTFE Components, Ready to use Rubber Compounds, Natural Zeolite, Treated Sulphur, Accelerator Master Batch, NBR-PVC Blend, Coating Compound and Precipitated Silica. In the year 2001 we established our Supply and Distribution Network for Natural & Synthetic Rubber Polymers, Rubber Chemicals, Processing Aid and Rubber Processing Oil and Lubricant.  

We offer “consumer oriented” tailor made Rubber, Thermo Plastic and Teflon / PTFE Components, Profiles and ready to use compound for fabricators, extruders and molders of products such as Seals, Gaskets, O-rings, Fuel Hoses, Valve Stem Seals, Shaft Seals, Valve Cover Gaskets, Diaphragms, Codes, Tubes, Sheets, Packing, Wheels, Rollers, Molded, Meta Molded, Hose / Extrusions, etc..

We design, develop, execute import substitute and make any tailor made product as per customer specification, design and drawing.

We offer “consumer oriented” tailor made Precipitated Silica for rubber, food, personal health care and other critical uses, Natural Zeolite a water quality improver for Aquaculture, Surface Treated Sulphur for improved dispersion and properties, Master Batch Accelerator Blend for EPDM Rubber, NBR-PVC Rubber blend sheets for various application and usage, Modified Coating and Rubber Compounds for various application and industries.      

Our products find an application in Automotive, Railways, Shipbuilding, Aero-Space, Defense, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Footwear, Aquaculture, Aluminum, Steel, Gas, Textile, Chemical and other allied industries.

We by the support of our principals, international trade alliance and clients we have created a strong industry relation by way of sustained clients, good technical support, product understanding, on sight trouble shooting. We understand the challenges faced by the companies and our clients in today’s competitive world and our principals alliances has enable us to have advances in new world compounds and technical engineering which has allowed us to offer our customers wide variety of spectrum than ever before  in relation to product and services.

Through knowledge, persistence, credibility and commercial experience we look forward towards building a long term relationship and provide solutions for our customers to reach greater heights.

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