Synergy Group, we realize that one of the
environmental threats facing now is pollution. In
2021, the company has established a brand-new
product line for Textile Industry. 

Recycled Polyester Fibres from post-consumer PET bottles which are giving a solution for the landfilling issues and greenhouse emissions are better for the Planet.

PET bottles has zero water consumptions at
pigmentation with the masterbatch process with
brilliant and variant shades in the library.

We are offering a complete range of staple fibres  specially designed for weaving and knitting.

We transform 5.5 million PET bottles every day into recycled polyester staple fibre with a production capacity of 150 tons, we manufacture semi-dull and optic white fibre.

  • Superior Colour, Vibrant, Brilliant, Uniforms.
  • Inherently colourfast Durable.
  • Custom mixed for precise colour matching.
  • Solution-dyed uses fewer natural resources.
  • Helps conserve water and energy.

Semi Dull, Optical White
Denier Range:
1D – 3D
3D – 15D
Cut Length: 
24, 32, 38, 44, 51, 64, 76
Cross Section: 
Medium / High