We specialize in manufacturing of the Biodegradable Bags, which safely degrade if exposed to sunlight or kept in natural decaying conditions. Our range can be used in nurseries or forests where it can be used for the cultivation and  other  purposes  as  it degrades while buried in the earth. These very useful and affordable bags can be customized as per the specifications of our clients. To cater the wide demand for our range, these are available  in  four  colors  like  Black,  Red, Blue & Yellow. 

Plastic is a fundamental part of our busy lives. Not many people know that plastic is made from a by‐product of crude oil which used to be wasted and that it makes good environmental sense to use it. Ordinary plastics can be reused and recycled – however if they get into the environment they can last for many decades. The solution is to add bio ‐ degradable additive when the plastic product is being manufactured ‐ making it, “oxo‐ biodegradable” or “oxo‐bio” for short. Oxo‐ bio plastic will degrade, then biodegrade to water, co2, biomass and trace‐elements, on land or sea, in the light or dark, in heat or cold, in whatever timescale is required. it leaves no fragments no methane and no harmful residues. There is little or no extra cost, and during its service‐life strength and other qualities are the same as ordinary plastic.